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Infrastructure for the elimination of architectural barriers on the visitor's route in the Markets of Trajan

The distribution of the monument on six levels caused a problem when introducing new vertical communications. The problem was resolved in the upper part by an hydraulic lift that connects the three levels of the Great Hall, the Central Body and the Milizie Gardens. The other devise used was an electric platform that allow access to the Via Biberatica. Both are housed in structures that had suffered heavy alterations in post ancient times to thus limit the impact on the original walls.

In accordance to a governing principle that the entire Trajanic complex both covered and open should make up just one museum circuit, the entire external route was studied to make it, on one hand more accessible, and on the other once again in contact with the city. Consequently a system of walkways and ramps in wood and iron was conceived that allow for a continuous route that goes across areas already familiar to the public but others that until now were marginal or even unknown.

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